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Amsterdam's Welvaren
Life Changes Here
Expanding how we see ourselves, to see the world with new eyes.
Founded by Andy Chaleff, Amsterdam's Welvaren is an international executive coaching and leadership center in the heart of Amsterdam.

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Inspiring the world
SInce its inception in 1830, Amsterdam's Welvaren has been a space for inspiration. Today the center is home to coaching experiences that transform individuals and groups from around the planet.
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Inspiring Your Business

As of 2019, Andy Chaleff is offering Jump Start Sessions. By joining, you are given the opportunity to run through an extensive assessment (2 - 4 hours reviewing) and reflect on what will bring the most valuable change. For more information on Andy and his philosophy (word used lightly), you can read his book, The Last Letter.  Or simply Google his name to find out more.

The cost: 500 Euro (Excluding VAT) BOOK NOW

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In just 3 hours, heighten your self awareness and redefine your future. The Jump Start Coaching offer gives you an incredible opportunity to assess your current state and focus.

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More on the founder
Andy chaleff is an author, speaker and mentor. He has a non-traditional approach to both business and life. He builds friendships that nuture his clients, as well as his own, personal development.

In 2018 he took on an ambitious project to inspire others to connect with their vulnerability. He drove 10,000 miles through the US to sit with individuals and ask them to write letters to loved ones. The tour was covered on TV and in the media (#inspirevulnerability).



Organizational change is a process. We have been doing it collectively for over 30 years. There are best practices that we follow. We have a collective of coaches and trainers who do it well.

Inspiring Your Business


Jesse - Corporate Programs

Adriaan - Continuous Improvement

Katrien- Breathwork

Bambos - Creative

Amsterdam's Welvaren is a collection of individuals that understand that development is a journey. Each member works together to support individuals on their specific journey. There is not a "one size fits all" approach to life or business. So, we have collected some of the best to support you along the way.
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You can find us on the famous 9 Streets of Amsterdam

Berenstraat 7
1016GG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

We look forward to hearing from you
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